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I have had a love of drawing and painting since my childhood. It was not an easy upbringing and art provided a much needed refuge from daily life. In my early adult life, I was not in a position to pursue my interest in art but then a few years ago a change in circumstances allowed me to return to it. One of my first commissions was from a friend who asked me if I could paint her cat that had gone missing!

The subjects for my work include people, animals, and landscapes, working in soft pastel, oil and, occasionally, watercolour. I have sold quite a few of my works, including a number of commissions. I have also been lucky enough to work along side Tony Beresford a professional artist based in the Peak District.

I am not a "photo-perfect" artist (if you want that you need a photographer!) . Instead my aim is to capture the essence of the subject (be it a person, scene etc) as I perceive it. I believe it is important always to be true to your own style, as this is what creates your identity as an artist.

Artists who inspire me and my work include Christopher Wood, Tai Shan Schierenberg and Lucian Freud.

I often work from photographs and like to sometimes have the subject or camera at various angles in order to create a painting that is quirky in style.